Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Face of God

Moses asked to see God's face.
But Moses was, for his own good, denied.
"No one sees my face and lives," came the voice, present, disembodied.
It's the face of Life.
But it's this very face that hides for the sake of life.
Moses was troubled, "Die? God, why is this?"
"I didn't say die. It's that you won't be able to live.
To see my expression is to become obsessed with it.
A smile suggests to you I'm not paying attention. Or worse, that you've behaved me into higher spirits.
A scowl, a frown, and you'd assume you were the cause of it as well.
Or perhaps those you continue to hate were.
A look of surprise, and you'd wonder if I had a plan, if I were a waste of trust.
A creased and raised brow, and you'd believe I pace the floor about your days.
A wrinkled nose, and you'd spend your life trying to remain perfect and clean.
Expressionlessness, and you'd forever doubt I had any heart at all.
Moses, to see my face is to be haunted by what you might do to change it.
To be consumed by the fear of fickle emotion behind it.
Moses, no one sees my face and lives."
But Moses persisted, "God, surely in your every countenance there is goodness.
How long before you turn your face toward me?"
And God replied, "This is goodness and life, Moses; I have no face."