Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trial period....

I just noticed we use legal terms when we are trying something.
Trying a dessert. Sign up for cable on a trial basis. Hire someone on an initial probationary period. I guess because trying is judging. Perhaps this is why when you are dating someone, some call it courting.

I'm going to blog for a while and see if I judge it to be worth doing. To see if anyone does, frankly. I've noticed that when I am teasing out a thought or an idea, I take it more seriously when I am assured other eyes and minds will be involved. (Maybe someday that won't matter, but I confess it does to some extent now. In keeping with the theme of this post, feel free to judge this). Besides honing the craft of writing, it also allows a space to think about the world in ways that may or may not fit within the context of a teaching on a Sunday morning.

I'm looking forward to it. But for now, we're adjourned. Recess!

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Tom Derosier said...

Sorry to jump in the Waybak and comment on your Pedestrian beginnings but I love the pure honesty that is always found in the first blog post. The true proclamation to the unknown future followers, "Here I am, I make no promises but I hope to entertain." There is encouragement in your longevity, it forces me to ask myself, "Why did I stop?".